610 Shorter Ave Suite 24
Rome, GA 30165
 (IGA Shopping Center)

Phone: (706)-528-4187
Tuesday-Saturday  10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday & Monday -  Closed

Why should I wash my dog?
 One of the most important things you can do to maintain your dog's health is to make sure he or she stays clean.  Regular bathing will ensure that potential problems like parasites and skin conditions are prevented or dealt with swiftly.  Having a healthy coat benefits your dog in so many ways.  By maintaining good hygiene habits, you are doing far more than just showing off your dog's beautiful fur. You are also giving your dog the gift of good health. 

Do I need to bring anything besides my dog?
 No.   We supply everything you will need: tubs, towels, shampoos, dryers, aprons, and even a treat after your pet’s bath!

Do I need to make an appointment?
 No appointments are necessary for self-service washing; walk-in anytime during our regular business hours.  Appointments are required for “We Wash”, “Assisted Wash” or other grooming services.  For the safety of all, appointments are also required for aggressive dogs.

Do I have to wash my own dog, or can I get you to wash him?
 We do full-service washing and Summer Shave-Downs by appointment.  Please call for details.

Do you cut nails?
 Yes, we offer nail cutting service for $5.  We also have nail clippers, at no charge, if you prefer to cut your pet's nails.

Is your place clean?
 We work extremely hard (and continuously) to keep the shop clean. All equipment; brushes, Zoom Grooms, shampoo bottles, bathtubs, etc. are cleaned AND sanitized after each use.  We also strive to keep our shop free of hair by vacuuming as time and dogs allows.

What if I can’t manage my dog myself – is there help?
 Someone is always available to assist when you bring your pet in for washing.  We do everything we can to make sure that both you and your pet feel comfortable and safe.  We also offer assisted washing services at a minimal fee, no appointment necessary.

Do you have an ear wash solution that can be used during the wash?
 Yes, we have a solution.  It’s a professional medicated cleaner & deodorant.  We provide the cotton balls as well. 

Do you have muzzles if needed?
 Yes, in all sizes, at no additional cost.

Do you have scissor if needed?
 Yes, at no additional cost.

How long does it take to wash a dog?
 That depends on the dog, usually less than 50 minutes.  We have customers that have used our service before and know exactly what to do.  They are done in less than 40 minutes and another 10 minutes hanging out talking with us.  That’s why we are in this business; we love our customers as well as their people.  We do not set any time limits.

Do you have specialty shampoos, like hypo-allergenic etc?
 Yes, we carry a full line of specialty shampoos at VERY minimal prices.  We encourage you to compare our prices with any grooming facility.  We know we are way under-priced on these items; it’s not about the money when it comes to pet care. 
The professional grooming shampoos we use are specifically formulated for dogs and cats.  They are PH balanced for pet's skin (which is different from humans), deep cleans without drying out the coat, are safe for puppies and kittens, and contain no harsh additives that can build up.  They do not lather like human shampoo, nor do they need to.  Lather is nothing more than air bubbles, and bubbles don't get the dog clean..... the shampoo ingredients do.  And, don't worry.... we'll supply you with as much shampoo as you feel you need to get the job done.  We don't want anyone leaving dirty!

Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, for whatever amount you wish to purchase.

Can I wash two dogs at the same time in one tub?
 Yes, but because of the high cost of utilities, we have to charge for two dogs.
At the present time, we have the frequent bather club, after 10th full priced wash, the 11th one is FREE.  Also, that’s not for each dog, it's for each family.

My dog is aggressive. Is he welcome at your shop?
 In most cases, yes, but under certain conditions.  If your dog exhibits the tendency to bite we may require you to muzzle him, or make a special appointment outside normal business hours.  Please contact us to discuss the situation prior to bringing your dog into the shop.

How does the dryer work?
Our 2-speed dryers are made especially for pets.  They offer a high-velocity, forced air stream that literally "blasts" the water out of the dog's coat.  They have no heating element so they dry even heavy-coats without drying out the coat or skin.  The dryer output is approximately 60 degrees above room temperature, so the temperature will vary slightly during the day, and will run warmer when the dryer has been used for prolonged periods of time. Because of the noise level and high velocity of the air stream, the dryer nozzle should never be pointed directly at the dog's sensitive eyes or ears.... a towel is best used on these areas.

Why should I wash my dog at a dog wash?
 This is probably the most-asked question, and we always hear it from folks who have never used a self-serve dog wash before. The reason?  Because once you try it, you'll be hooked.  Here are some of the benefits:
1) Less stress for your dog.
2) No mess for you to clean at home.
3) Less expensive than paying someone else to do it.
4) No supplies to buy.
5) One quick stop, rather than two trips to a groomer.
6) No appointment necessary
7) No aching back and sore knees from your bathroom tub.
8) Spending quality time with your 4-legged friend.
9) No more hair-clogged drains or backed-up septic tanks at home
10) Quality time with other family members
11) Teaches children about responsible pet ownership
12) Professional facilities make the job easier, and finally, because it's FUN.

Full-Service Bathing/Grooming Available by Appt.
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  December 26th Closed

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